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ViSearch - Mobile Sandbox


ViSearch app works together with ViSearch Dashboard. It allows users to test image search on their own image database.We have open sourced our demo app. The source code is available:
- Features
Scan the QR code using the build-in QR code scanner to connect to the image database. Multiple image databases are supported.
Using image to search for similar items in the connected database. Product on the uploaded image can be automatically recognised.
- About ViSenze
ViSenze is a machine intelligence company that provides visual search technology to e-commerce businesses and image libraries in various verticals.
It allows mobile and desktop platforms to add Search By Image, Find Similar and Color Search functionalities on their own databases, so that their end-users enjoy a great search experience.
ViSenze was founded in 2012 by technology entrepreneurs and scientists, and has built advanced proprietary visual search and image recognition technology. The company’s featured customers are: Flipkart, Lazada, Zalora, Caratlane, Patsnap and more.
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